TRACER mainly carries the following hardwood species:

Choosing wood species

For interior applications one is traditionally confined to relatively few species often due to technical restrictions. However, it is often posssible to conduct relatively simple testing and thereby include more lesser known species.

For exterior applications a broad range of species can be used, especially if the timber should appear untreated. If this is the case, the most important parameters are durability and stability.

In order to achieve the best possible price and delivery time, we recommend focusing on the end use rather than species and to be open to alternatives.

Learn more about lesser known species and their use, download our TRACER Matrix here.


Choosing PROFILE

Decking can be supplied as rough or profiled with either deep or fine grooved antiskid, or with a brushed or smooth surface. TRACER recommends the use of smooth surfaces. Profiles tend to be difficult to keep clean and cannot be re-sanded. Deep grooved profiles should only be used for stairs and the like.



For under constructions we strongly recommend the use of hardwood species in durablity class 1-2, thereby achieving the same durabilty for the under construction as for the decking.