what is an fsc® certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council®'s certificate is the strongest certificate in the market, both when it comes to having the highest standards and in size as a single certificate. The FSC certificate is international and gives full and verified documentation of legality and sustainability. FSC is certified by an independent 3rd party (auditors).

All producers and traders of FSC products must have a CoC certificate and accompany their products with a FSC code etc. sW-CoC-02493 and a FSC Claim. The certificates can be verified at info.fsc.org. 


how to buy fsc certified wood

SPECIFY FSC-certificate in your inquiry
CHECK your supplier's FSC CoC code and FSC Claim
VERIFY the validity at info.fsc.org
Please be aware that it is not enough that the importer is CoC certified. Their products 
must specifically be offered, labelled and invoiced as FSC certified with an FSC claim. FSC suppliers must have a publicly available and verified list of FSC certified products they supplied
With the FSC certificate the products are living up to the guidelines for public procurement of timber products used in most European countries, including UK, Denmark, Germany and Holland.