Below you can download TRACER's Species Matrix, TRACER Facts og TRACER's Rough Guide.

TRACER Facts gives you a complete overview of TRACER's product range together with specifications on each wood species. Furthermore, you will find a guide on how to choose one or more wood species, a guide to fitting and treatment of timber and much more.

TRACER's Rough Guide gives you information on traceability and certificates. 

TRACERs Species Matrix is a chart designed to give you an overview of which timber products that will suit your needs.




Abiurana      Angelim Campina

Angelim Vermelho      Azobe

Cloenziana      Cumaru

Favinha      Fava Amargossa

Freijo      Guariuba

Iroko      Jatoba

Louro Itauba      Mandioquiera

Massaranduba      Muiracatiara

Pequia      Robinie

Sapelli      Sipo

Sucupira Vermelho      Tanimbuca

Tatajuba      Yellow Cedar

Western Red Cedar