TRACER offers the following species for natural poles:


  • Debarked and pointed fencing poles
  • Desaped and sanded playgrund poles
  • Cylindric machine poles

product information

Robinia is the only wood species growing in European forests, which is durable in class 1. Due to the shape of the stem, Robinia can in principle only be used in its natural form, split, or sawn in small sizes.
Robinia for playgrounds are supplied in lengths from 1 to 6 m and in diameters from 8 to 22 cm. The wood is supplied free from sap and sanded. This reduces splitting and cracking, and fungi attack is avoided. Robinia can be used in its natural shape and requires a minimum of maintenance.
Cylindric poles are supplied in dimensions from 8 to 15 cm and in lengths from 1 to 3 m.
FSC-certified under SW-CoC-000931.



Robinia natural poles are delivered directly from Hungary in 4-6 weeks.