Marine piles

TRACER is offering the following marine piles
  • Abiurana
  • Cloeziana


  • Machine peeled piles

product information

Abiurana has more or less the same propeerties as Greenheart and is thereby a suitable alternative to Greenheart which cannot be suplied with a proper certficate.

FSC Abiurana has since 2006 been used with good results in the Harbour of Middelfart, Læsø, Odense, Ishøj and Copenhagen.

Cloeziana is a ligther but stiff pile. Research show resistance to marine borers in the heartwood. FSC Cloenziana has been used in the Harbours of Ishøj, Middelfart and Copenhagen.

Both piles have been used by STAUN in the German part of the Baltic sea for many years with good results.
FSC-certified under SW-CoC-000931.


Abiurana from direct shipment in 15-18 weeks
Cloeziana from direct shipmeny in 10-12 weeks