Sustainable TIMBER for sustainable constructions

TRACER is specialised in FSC® Certified Forest Products.
TRACER acts as importer and has a well assorted stock of FSC certified hardwoods and cedar.
TRACER has a strong network of suppliers in South America, Canada, West Africa and Eastern Europe.
TRACER acts as broker on direct shipments from primary producers to professional users.
TRACER has, with its own warehouse production and regular subcontractor capacity, to kiln dry and remanufacture.



Our mission is to promote sustainable forestry resulting in natural forests for future generations.
Our vision is that by facilitating a trade of traceable certified forest products we can promote sustainable forest management.


fsc CERTIFICation

TRACER is an FSC certified company. That means that our products are traceable, of legal origin and come from forests that are responsibly managed with consideration for humans, animals and the nature.

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